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I'm a musician, sound designer, producer, and Digital Audio student based in Seattle, Washington. 

Who am I and What Do I Do?

I currently work as a Media Production Assistant for the University of Washington School of Nursing and have had the opportunity to work as a Programming Intern for NFFTY, the largest youth film festival in the world.

As an undergraduate, I created my own major and am studying under the mentorship of composer and UW DXARTS Director/Co-Founder, Juan Pampin. My senior study consists of a 4-part Computer-Music composition that narrates passages from the Bible related to "living water." The purpose of the piece is to tell these stories, but also to sonify the kinetic characteristics of water using space and timbre.

In addition to my studies in Electroacoustic Music, I am a singer/songwriter. These are all works that I wrote, recorded, produced, and mixed myself! You can listen to them on my Bandcamp

Other things I'm dabbling in include creating mechatronic instruments and interactive sculptures, film photography, helping run the Songwriters' Circle, and serving as the Music Coordinator for my church, the Prince of Peace Catholic Newman Center.


What is my biggest goal in life? Simply put--to serve. I believe in interdependence. I believe in something greater than the job. We are all asked to make a difference in the world, but the how doesn't matter nearly as much as the why.

  • Wrote, produced, and mixed 3 EPs and one debut album
  • Wrote, produced, and mixed an entire EP of various music genres in one week
  • Screened 200+ films for NFFTY as a Programming Intern
  • Worked on a leadership team of 6 for the UW Newman Center for one year, in which my co-workers were also my roommates
  • Fostered church community in the absence of a building for one year resulting in:
    • 400 community members attending weekly services
    • Two undergraduate retreats with 50+ attendees
    • A student ministry team of 6-sub teams and 30 student leaders