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The Baby Head Project: An Interactive Sound Sculpture

The Baby Head Project was a mechatronic sculpture that my classmate Annie Liu and I created for our DXARTS class. The purpose of the project was to create a "speculative object" that takes place in an imagined world. It proposes the questions relating to parenting, population control, choice, and the future of life.

The sculpture features a 3D-printed baby head, LEDs, a pressure sensor, a sound sensor, and a button. The user is prompted to "insert their DNA" by pressing their finger to the pressure sensor. The DNA is "collected" once a confirmation sound is heard, and the baby head lights up green. This signifies that a child has been created. The user is then prompted to record memories using the microphone and button, and these memories are then "stored" in the the child's brain for its birth in the future.

My partner contributed to the modeling of the 3D print (though, the baby head model was found online) as well as laser cutting the platform. I contributed to the music and sound design as well as the Processing code and Arduino hardware.