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Media Archaeology: 4266 - A Motion-Controlled Sound Dagger

This was a project I created with my class partner Annie Liu for our project in our mechatronics class. It consists of a dagger made of wire and CD shards (fabricated by my partner) attached with an accelerometer. The data from the accelerometer is fed into Pure Data which modulates a sound file using a comb filter and clip distortion.

The purpose of this project was to explore the concept of "weaponizing media." In today's age, what we say on media platforms can easily be used against us in the future, thus affecting our personal lives. I took various sound files from YouTube videos in which YouTubers accuse others of certain actions, make fake apologies, or act out in anger against other YouTubers. These sound files are stacked together in Logic X and are then modulated with Pure Data and the accelerometer. As the dagger holder moves the weapon around, the sound is manipulated and distorted to symbolize the distortion of people's words and image by social media.

Watch this video to see a demonstration:

Dagger hooked up to arduino

Pure Data code manipulating the sound file